NCE Warranty / Repairs Au

Approved Dealer Warranty

The MRRC is the authorized distributor for NCE in Australia and the authorized repair centre for NCE in Australia/New Zealand. 

All warranty for NCE products sold through authorized Australia dealers is undertaken in Australia by the MRRC.

A detailed list of those dealers can be found on the NCE website - click here 

No-Fault Warranty N / HO decoders - proof of purchase is required to effect this warranty and is only for decoders sold by authorized AU/NZ dealers within the 12-month warranty period.


Unapproved Dealer Warranty

Unapproved dealers in Australia/NZ are required by NCE to have informed you before purchase that there is no Australian warranty/repairs available in Australia. 

Under Australian consumer law, the reseller is responsible for the warranty of any goods supplied and the application of a manufacturer's warranty is against the law.

If you have purchased a system from an unapproved dealer, we recommend approaching them to obtain a warranty. 


Repairs All

From time to time your NCE system will need repair and the MRRC will handle those requests and this is generally undertaken by replacement of the failed board however there is a range of non-IC components that will be repaired by replacement.  

No boards will be sent to owners for self-installation and the NCE hardware must be returned for repair to the MRRC.

Where we are requested to repair a system not supplied by an approved Au/NZ NCE dealer, a surcharge applies plus parts, we reserve the right to refuse service for items not purchased in Australia from an approved dealer. 

All parts repairs carry a 90-day warranty while a board replacement carries a 1-year Warranty and ongoing Au service regardless of the origin of that component. 

With any item not supplied by an authorized dealer, a 10% surcharge based on the current retail value shown on the MRRC Web site is applicable with parts and labour to be charged at the current retail list price.


To effect a repair

All items for repairs are to be sent to M. Amman,  8 Myoora Street Pymble NSW 2073 

All repairs are to be sent registered with your Name/ Address/ Contact telephone/:ist of parts returned and details on the issue noted especially if there is no actual material damage to the item.

All labour is charged at the current applicable rate with a minimum charge of $25 plus GST


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